At the HorsePlaying solo at the Horse improvised music club, the Horse pub in Lambeth, 2013

Dave Draper

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Upcoming gigs include a duo with drummer Dave Fowler on Wednesday July 26th 2017 at Alan Wilkinson's Flimflam club at Ryan's Bar , 181 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16, and a birthday concert at Cafe Oto on Monday July 31st, with Dave Fowler, Marcio Mattos, Ntshuks Bonga and Ivor Kallin. Cafe Oto is on Ashwin Street in Dalston, E8. Come to one of those and you can buy the double CD version of my.......

Recent solo CD,  Smoke & Mirrors  is available from Bandcamp though the physical album is a double CD set, the second CD being a single 73 minute track!

Also available now at Bandcamp,  Is That It? remixes of the legendary (?) Ivory Coasters' last recordings, made in 1983 and remixed over the last couple of years by myself, from the original 24/16 track tapes, digitized by 'FX' in Acton. More than seven tracks exist, but so far only those actually penned by band members are available.

The world premiere of Doffy Weir's latest video, Concurrence (with soundtrack by yours truly), took place at the Whitstable Bienale, on Sunday 5th June 2016 and Saturday 11th June 2016.
Smoke & Mirrors     Is That It?Concurrence still
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